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Hey, What's the Big Idea? Symposium


This symposium brings together highly successful scientists from inside and outside the University to present the genesis of their greatest ideas. The goal is to understand how breakthroughs in science were inspired; how specific problems were picked for study, how experiments were designed to address the problem, and how critical insights were gained that led to the Ah-Ha! moment when it all made sense.

2016 | 2018 | 2019


2016 Symposium Videos


Dr. Adam Frost: "Function follows form: surprising insights into cryo-EM"



Dr. Tim Ryan: "Coin of the realm: ATP"


Dr. Nels Elde: "The generosity of selfish genes"


Dr. Rajesh Menon: "Cannula microscopy"



Dr. Adam Douglass: "A new way to look at voltage"



Dr. Jody Rosenblatt: "Excommunicating dying cells"


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Last Updated: 6/1/21