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About Us

The Mission of the CCGS



To focus on the creation of an interdisciplinary environment in which cell biologists, geneticists, mathematicians, chemists and physicists can work together to further research targeted to understanding the molecular machinery that contributes to cellular function. We envision an enriched environment that will drive cutting edge research, promote new interactions between faculty, open new areas of inquiry and generate competitive proposals for external funding.


To work to contribute to educational and research training experiences for University of Utah undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The CCGS, comprised of faculty dedicated to interdisciplinary scientific research, will make a significant contribution to the University's goal of providing outstanding teaching and research training.


To develop new technologies for the advancement of the study of cell biology, including (but not limited to) the establishment of core facilities for optical microscopy and subdifffraction microscopy.




Last Updated: 3/4/24